SensAI Technology

Brings together the physical and digital worlds using augmented reality (AR) solutions to enable 3D e-commerce.

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SensAI offers an AR Platform that provides Augmented Reality (AR) based immersive Virtual Try-On & Try-Out experiences that captivate and inspire users.


•Production of high resolution, low size 3D models
•Short model production processing time, 100s of SKUs
•Production capability in different categories: fashion, furniture, shoe, accessories, etc.


•Thousands of virtual fabrics
•Production in real size and details
•Personalized Avatars & Fitting
•Delicate Craftwork

Showroom & NFT

•Customized virtual showrooms, accessible 24/7
•Fully integrated to AR applications & company sites for sales
•Compatible with fashion, furniture, etc.
•Quickly convert 3D assets to NFTs

Try On

•Let users virtually try products on their own body
•Try on shoes, watches, rings anytime and anywhere
•Advanced ML / AR algorithms run on cloud system

Revolutionize customer experience by increasing the engagement level between products and consumers on a whole new level.

3D Digital Fashion

Bring 3D Objects into the customer world..

Let’s examine the products with their real dimensions in their world and boost sales.

We partner with e-commerce/retail companies who wants to leverage AR technologies in their mobile applications to boost their sales and increase user engagement.

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How It Works

End-to-end solutions for 3D & AR experiences

– 0ne-stop-Shop Solutions –



- Integrate SensAI SDKs into app & web sites - Launch within couple days, no coding required


3D Models

- Generate 3D models in high resolution & low file size - Ready-to-use platform specific applications



- Run SensAI algorithms in client app / website